• Struktūra vīna pudeļu nazis

    Struktūra vīna pudeļu nazis

    A wine bottle opener mainly comprises a handle (1), a long-leg insert (2), a short-leg insert (3), etc. It is characterized in that a handle hole is formed in the upper end of the handle, and the lower end socket of the handle is fixedly co...
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  • Raksturojums slīpētas vīna pudele

    Raksturojums slīpētas vīna pudele

    Frosting is a decoration method to adhere glass glaze powder with a certain area onto a product wine bottle, bake the bottle at a high temperature of 580 to 600 ℃ to melt a glass glaze coating layer on the surface of glass and enable the glass glaze coa...
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  • Apstrādes tehnoloģija matēta vīna pudele

    Apstrādes tehnoloģija matēta vīna pudele

    A production process of a frosted wine bottle is as follows: Drafting - making of a screen printing plate - printing of wine bottle etching ink - flushing - obtaining of a finished product 1. Drafting: design a required pattern with a compu...
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