Characteristics of frosted wine bottle

Frosting is a decoration method to adhere glass glaze powder with a certain area onto a product wine bottle, bake the bottle at a high temperature of 580 to 600 ℃ to melt a glass glaze coating layer on the surface of glass and enable the glass glaze coating layer to show a color different from a glass main body. The glass glaze powder shall be adhered with a white washing brush in a brushing manner, or roll-coated with a rubber-covered roller. By silk screen processing, a hollow pattern of a frosted surface will be obtained. The method comprises: printing a layer of design pattern formed by a melt resisting agent on the surface of a glass product, and carrying out frosting processing after the printed design pattern is dried in air; and then baking the pattern at high temperature such that the frosted surface without the design pattern is melted on the glass surface, and the frosted surface, covering the pattern, of a position with the printed pattern cannot be melted on the glass surface under the action of the melt resisting agent. After baking, the transparent hollow pattern will be shown through the semi-transparent frosted surface to achieve a special decoration effect.

Frosting printing melt resisting agent is prepared from ferric oxide, talcum powder, clay, etc., and is ground with a ball grounder, and its fineness is 350 meshes. Before printing, the frosting printing melt resisting agent is blended with an adhesive.

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Post time: Aug-06-2018

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