Processing technology of frosted wine bottle

A production process of a frosted wine bottle is as follows:

Drafting - making of a screen printing plate - printing of wine bottle etching ink - flushing - obtaining of a finished product

1. Drafting: design a required pattern with a computer. For a small breadth of pattern, a photographic film can be output through a laser printer, and a large breadth of pattern can be stuck immediately when black is seen under engraving of a computer engraving machine or is output through a photosetter.

2. Making of a screen printing plate: use a polyester filament screen of 100 to 180 meshes, better select monofilament polyester screen cloth, and make the plate with water-based photoresist.

3. Printing of glass etching ink: before printing, clear away dirt and wet on the surface of glass, and fully stir frosting paste better with a "bamboo-wood" product instead of ironware. During printing, scrapping printing should be carried out on the screen printing plate twice to increase the amount of ink materials. For example, during manual printing, the etching ink can be scraped from one end to the other end, and a scraper blade is lifted up and placed behind the ink to scrape the ink to the printed end so as to increase the amount of printing materials. That is to say, an ideal ink amount is achieved on the surface of the glass.

4. Flushing: place printed wine bottles still for 3 minutes, and put them into a pool or connect running water with a leather pipe for flushing. After the wine bottles are dried, snowflake-like patterns are shown. Such glass is very popular in the market, and is welcome among customers. With the technology, tea sets, artware, society mirrors, wine bottle containers, etc. can be made.

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Post time: Aug-06-2018

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