Structure of wine bottle opener

A wine bottle opener mainly comprises a handle (1), a long-leg insert (2), a short-leg insert (3), etc.

It is characterized in that a handle hole is formed in the upper end of the handle, and the lower end socket of the handle is fixedly connected with the long-leg insert and the short-leg insert; and the long-leg insert and the short-leg insert are movably inserted into a sheath.

The opener is simple in structure, low in cost, economical, practical and convenient to use, saves materials, can open a wine bottle quickly and is safe and convenient to carry. With production and development of modern industry, bottle openers have been developed from the first generation to the third generation, and have experienced decades of development from the first plastic bottle openers to emergence of various high-tech bottle openers. It is stated that a conventional bottle opener is a tool used by "savage gentlemen", and then with the emergence of pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers, the "savage gentlemen" become more elegant and become real gentlemen.

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Post time: Aug-06-2018

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